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Colorado Springs Child Support Lawyer

Child Support Lawyer In Colorado Springs

Child-Support-Lawyer-In-Colorado-Springs.jpgChild support issues can be contentious and overwhelming. Patricia M. Perello, a highly experienced family lawyer, is ready to help with a free consultation in El Paso County, CO.

Below, we will guide you through how choosing the right attorney and efficiently getting legal assistance can significantly improve your outcome within Colorado’s child support laws.

The Role of Child Support Lawyers in Colorado Springs

The-Role-of-a-Child-Support-Lawyer-in-Colorado-Springs.jpgAs a top child support lawyer in Colorado Springs, Ms. Perello assists clients with complex financial child support cases with expertise and care.

Our law firm will guide you through the process and ensure your child’s needs are met legally and fairly.

Child Support Payments and Colorado Law

Understanding child support payments and laws in Colorado Springs can seem challenging. Still, Colorado mandates that child support continue until the child reaches 19 and carefully considers the financial situation of both parents when child support is involved.

The main goal is to ensure financial stability and support for the child’s well-being throughout their upbringing. Courts calculate these payments based on a formula that considers each parent’s gross income alongside other significant factors such as daycare expenses, health insurance costs, child support, and educational needs.

Our premier child support lawyer will play a critical role in this process by offering legal guidance to ensure fair treatment under Colorado law. We help our clients understand how payments and child support obligations are determined and what changes might allow for modifying the order.

For example, if a parent’s financial situation drastically changes or parental responsibilities and time spent with the child are updated, the parenting schedule and child support payment can be adjusted.

Our family law attorney diligently protects each client’s interests while focusing on the children’s best interests. We provide peace of mind with clear guidance and expertise during a complex legal procedure.

Orders and Modifications

Colorado law allows for the modification of child support orders due to changes in financial situations, the child’s necessities, or alterations in the parenting schedule.

A skilled family law attorney will guide parents through these potentially complex processes, ensure all legal requirements are met, and advocate for an arrangement to pay child support that best meets the child’s needs.

Our child support attorney specializes in modifying child support agreements in family law cases. We have significant experience establishing initial child support obligations and managing requests to modify existing agreements.

Whether a parent has lost a job, obtained a higher-paying job, or experienced a change in the costs related to child care or raising the child, our family law attorneys can help navigate these changes legally and effectively in your child support case.

Our expertise in child support calculation ensures that modifications are fair and reflect current circumstances while considering Colorado’s guidelines on calculating child support payments. Our attorneys are adept at presenting compelling cases to courts if necessary, emphasizing their client’s position while prioritizing the best interests of the involved children and ensuring that a child support obligation is met.

Legal Advice and Counsel

Our law firm provides legal advice and counsel to our clients to provide the best possible outcome. We offer guidance on legal strategies, financial strategies, and the implications of different child support arrangements.

Representation in Court

The law office of Family Lawyer Patricia M. Perello represents our clients in family court matters related to child support in Colorado Springs. The representation includes presenting evidence fighting for the custodial parent, negotiating with the opposing paying parent, and advocating for a fair parenting schedule and child support order that considers the child’s best interests and our client’s financial resources.

Colorado Child Support Guidelines For Choosing An Attorney

How-to-Choose-a-Child-Support-Attorney-in-Colorado-Springs.jpgSelecting the right child support attorney in Colorado Springs ensures your child’s needs are met, and your legal rights are protected.

Several important factors must be carefully considered to find an advocate who can effectively represent you in all aspects of child support law.

  1. Look for experience with Colorado Child Support Laws. An attorney well-versed in Colorado Springs child support laws will navigate the system efficiently, saving you time and money. Choose lawyers with a solid track record handling similar cases.
  2. Check Success Rates in Child Support Cases: Investigate potential attorneys’ success in past cases, especially those that mirror your circumstances. The potential includes modifying and enforcing child support orders.
  3. Evaluate Communication Skills: Your attorney should communicate legal concepts clearly and keep you informed throughout your case. Prompt responses to queries signify professionalism and dedication.
  4. Ask About Financial Resources Management: Understand how the attorney plans to address issues like financial obligations, parent’s income analysis, and modification requests due to changes in financial status or childcare costs.
  5. Inquire About Free Consultations: Firms like Patricia M. Perello, a family lawyer, offer free initial consultations. These are no-obligation opportunities to understand their approach to your case before making any commitments.
  6. Experience with Enforcement and Modification: Ensure the lawyer has experience with both enforcing current orders and modifying existing ones due to changes like increased childcare expenses or changed parenting time schedules.
  7. Check Recommendations and Reviews: Former client reviews can offer insights into an attorney’s effectiveness, reliability, and customer service quality.
  8. Discuss Fees Upfront: Transparency about fees is essential for planning purposes. Opt for attorneys who are upfront about their billing practices.
  9. Assess Their Understanding of Family Dynamics: Choose an attorney who respects the emotional complexities of family law cases, including child custody matters, and supports financial negotiations.
  10. Professional Networks Matter: Attorneys well-connected within local legal circles may leverage these relationships positively, facilitating smoother resolution of cases.
  11. Knowledge of Spousal Maintenance and Other Financial Obligations: If your case involves spousal maintenance and child support, ensure the lawyer is competent in handling these intertwined issues for comprehensive legal guidance.

Making an informed choice when seeking child support also requires thoroughly assessing each candidate based on these criteria to ensure they meet your needs regarding child support matters in Colorado Springs, CO.

With careful consideration, you’ll find a legal partner adept at navigating this critical aspect of family law on your behalf.


Finding the right child support lawyer in Colorado Springs is critical to protecting your interests and ensuring your child’s well-being.

Our legal expertise helps parents understand Colorado child support guidelines, accurately calculate payments and provide court representation if needed.

We assist with modifying orders as circumstances change, paying child support, and ensuring children receive the necessary financial support from both parents.

With an experienced attorney by your side, navigating the intricacies of family law becomes more manageable.


1. What does child support lawyers in Colorado Springs do?

Child support attorneys help parents understand Colorado child support guidelines, calculate payments, and provide legal representation for modifying or enforcing child support.

2. How is child support determined in Colorado Springs?

In Colorado Springs, the law calculates child support by considering both parents’ incomes, the time each parent spends with the child, educational expenses, and medical insurance costs.

3. Can I modify my child support order in Colorado Springs?

Yes, you can seek to modify your child support through family law attorneys if your circumstances have significantly changed, such as income or custody arrangements.

4. What happens if someone doesn’t pay their ordered child support?

Suppose a paying parent fails to provide financial support as ordered by the court. In that case, child support enforcement measures can be taken by court order, which may include wage garnishments or legal penalties.

5. Do I need an attorney to handle my child custody and financial issues during a divorce?

While not mandatory, having an experienced lawyer ensures your rights are protected, helps you navigate the complexities of legal separation, and prioritizes your children’s well-being.

6. Why choose a local lawyer for handling my case regarding providing for my children after separation?

Choosing lawyers practicing law locally in Colorado Springs offers insights into state-specific guidelines and establishes an attorney-client relationship focused on personalized solutions for your family’s unique needs.

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